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Originally Posted by CRJPlt View Post
I see what you are saying and that wouldn't be all bad, but I've heard (from a SLI committee member) that the furloughs stand a chance of being placed at the bottom of everyone hired prior to 7/1/10, and after the new hires are put in DOH since furloughs are considered inactive employees and pretty much as nobodys in a list. Don't know how this will shake out, but if it were to go this way I would hope I could resign from XJ or something to ensure I don't lose that much seniority
Who were you talking to? That's totally wrong.

The MOU that allows 9E and 9L to hire XJ furloughs specifically states that XJ pilots will use their original XJ hire dates for SLI.

Even if it goes to arbitration the arbitrator will have to use this agreement because it's a binding contract.

XJ MEC will do everything possible to make sure this happens, I wouldn't worry about it.
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