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There may be operators looking for weekend fill in positions. Your best luck may be with a part 91 operator, a company with a small flight department that may want a second pilot on an aircraft even though it is not required, such as a Pilatus or King Air. 135 operators require pilots that have gone through their training program and may not want to pay for all of the training for a guy who can not go out on a multi-day trip unless it ends on Monday or starts after Thursday. I am not far from you and my last ad for a pilot position had over 600 responses from pilots with over 3000 hours and considerable twin turbine time. Many had flight safety or simuflite training and current 135 check rides in the equipment I was advertising for and many were in Texas with quite a few from the Dallas area. Keep building flight time anyway you can. Turbine time and multi is most useful, but total time is the first number looked at. Don't shy away from instructing. I love hiring flight instructors. The are usually a cut above those who build time flying along with other pilots and I do hire low time guys as FO's; however, it is low pay and a rough schedule, but the opportunity exists to move up to a fair paying job when the time requirements are met and a position opens up.

Stay in school and get that completed first. Build flight time when and where you can.

Good luck
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