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Unfortunately, with pickings as slim as they are these days, you are in an even tighter position if you have schedule issues AND are unwilling/unable to relocate. My advice is the same as the other, keep instructing in the spare time and weekends until you graduate. In the time it takes to get your degree, you will only be more experienced, have more hours under your belt, and more marketable for a pilot gig.

Good Luck!

Originally Posted by TI 3VOM View Post
f you can do online classes, you might try Amflight, they have a base in DFW. They just hired and have a class of about 23 going through training right now.
Ameriflight's DFW base is an all turbine base. AMF's new hires (less special circumstances) start in the PA31 and usually in OAK or PDX.
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