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Originally Posted by SrfNFly227 View Post
They have been around for a while now and have outlived many competitors who flew the 328. I worked for another 135 Dornier operator and we folded in February 2008. I believe 2-3 other companies flying the plane went bankrupt within a year of that. In the small world that is that airplane, I would say they had a good reputation.

Oh, and calling it the Dork Jet probably isn't the best way to get a shot. It's a great airplane and everyone I know who has flown it, loves it. It's slow, but it was originally a turboprop so that is expected. I'd still take one over the Climb Restricted Jet (which I fly now) any day.
I have been in the sim at SimCom in MCO. It is a nice looking flight deck.
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