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Default Cape Air Interview

I'll be doing ASA interview JAN 16-17 and looks like I have been granted one with Cape Air as well. For those online with Cape Air please chime in. Any thoughts or ideas to prep are appreciated. Have not decied on a date yet as I wait for my schedule at my current outfit. I am well aware of the site ! The application I filled out stated position applying for filled in as SIC - C402. And on the e-mail inviting me for an interview states Capt? I'll post a portion of it below.

Congratulations! Our selection team has reviewed your completed

Cape Air Pilot Application and wish to make arrangements for an

interview with us at our facilities in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Interview Dates

We will be conducting interviews on the following dates:
January 16, 17, 18
January 24
January 30, 31
February 01

Travel & Hotel Arrangements

You will need to purchase a round-trip ticket to

(BOS) Boston, Massachusetts. Cape Air will reimburse you

for your air travel expenses on the day you interview.

Cape Air will reserve a positive space ticket to/from

BOS to (HYA) Hyannis on Cape Air along with providing

a hotel room for you the evening prior to the interview.

For travel planning purposes, Cape Air has a daily non-stop

flight from BOS to HYA at 400 pm. Taxis are available for

a very inexpensive ride to the hotel so a rental car is not necessary.

The interview process begins at 9:00 am and is usually completed

by 3:00 pm. (We provide a yummy lunch if you wish to eat.)

Cape Air has a scheduled non-stop from HYA to BOS that

departs at 500 pm and arrives at 535 pm. Return trips back home

should be reserved for 7:00 pm or later.

Interview Acceptance

You will be interviewing for our Cessna 402 Captain position.

The current hiring is for flying/domicile in our Northeast Region

for the Spring/Summer 2007 with the opportunity to fly/domicile

in our Florida or Caribbean Region for the Winter months.

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