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Originally Posted by Jet7 View Post
I hold a Commercial AMEL, ASEL, Instrument Airplane with CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates. Does anyone know of any 135 openings in the DFW metroplex area? Are any of them hiring guys with only 1200 hours TT and 50 in a multi?

To further complicate things, I am a college student at the University of North Texas with afternoon classes Tuesday through Thursday. It might be impossible, but I am looking for a flying position that fits around my school schedule?
It looks like you probably meet the 14CFR135.243(c) minimum experience requirements for IFR pilot in command, so the real question is whether you want to work a full time job. You probably won't find many takers while your availability is constrained by college studies. Maybe you should finish school, then take a look at other postings on this site. Often the starting point at your stage of the game is a reputable 135 cargo outfit. Won't be an easy row to hoe, but you'll get invaulable real-world experience that will open the door to higher rungs on the ladder.
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