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  1. American, APA near final deal, reorg?
  2. Did Horton and Parker Meet this week?
  3. American, progress w APA, deal by Nov 1
  4. AA to recall/hire 2,500 over 5 years...
  5. Chance of takeover increasing
  6. AA debt holders lash out at Horton
  7. AMR delays "not material" to 3Q $51M earnings
  8. American, pilots talk amid mixed progress
  9. AAMRQ trading volume drying up...
  10. AA pilots Zero retirement on/after Nov 1 2012
  11. Some in our ranks are worried about a TRO can
  12. Horton win?
  13. management mistakes of AA - news story
  14. American, pilots union to restart talks
  15. Too many non-pilots on this sub forum lately
  16. Friends Don't Let Friends Fly American
  17. Views on the pilot slowdown from FF customer
  18. AA flight diverts - "loose seats."
  19. AA to disappear in 2013 - article
  20. Regime Change
  21. AMR's media blitz an IRREPARABLE toxic stew
  22. NYT "A Trans-Atlantic Flight..."
  23. Gordon Bethune
  24. Its too bad nobody in this country gets this.
  25. A Message from AMR Management to AA Pilots
  26. FAA adds its two cents to the AMR gong show
  27. Frequent Fliers bailing out // NPR story
  28. APA puts off negotiating after threat by AA
  29. AA threatens APA
  30. Crandall to AA pilots:
  31. AA pilots..I got the tab...
  32. American seeks to restart talk with pilots
  33. AMR asks APA to negotiate
  34. AA Exec Platinum's response to AA email
  35. American pilots seek delay on labor pact nix
  36. more jobs slashed
  37. American to pay creditor panel fees
  38. Bond holders want their money, NOW!
  39. Chicago Teachers Strike Illegal but continues
  40. Department of labor?
  41. How is the operation running?
  42. To all you AA SCOPE guys towards EAGLE
  43. AA pilot contract now officially ABROGATED
  44. AMR approval for APFA, TWU deal; equity stake
  45. UCC Lawyer talks
  46. TWU explanation of the BK process.
  47. Judge says AMR can toss pilot contract
  48. Fur flying in NYC......
  49. tool of the day!!
  50. Combined AA/US hub network.
  51. IRONY: BA wants 25% of AA/US.
  52. American, US Airways sign NDA, merger step?
  53. AMR creditors offer equity financing to reorg
  54. NDA is signed?
  55. USAirways Pilots offered 10K forfeit ch Contr
  56. APA US Term Sheet
  57. AMR pilots' union OKs strike vote
  58. Question about AA instructors
  59. JetBlue uninterested in merger with American
  60. Looks like VA has a shot....
  61. American flight attendants approve new pact
  62. American's Flight Attendants Ratify Contract
  63. American Airlines renews push to void pilot..
  64. What now?
  65. AMR refilled any details?
  66. AMR motion to reject APA temporarily denied
  67. AMR Judge Refuses to Let Airline Void Pilot C
  68. Judge sean lane grants amr management 1113
  69. excellent video
  70. Delta's involvement in American?
  71. What negotiating in bankruptcy is like....
  72. TA rejection / US merger
  73. David Bates Resignation
  74. AA pilots vote to reject TA 61% NO to 31% Yes
  75. AMR facing record fines from FAA
  76. Former Reno Air Pilots...
  77. AMR managment threatens APA pilots
  78. From our ex SFO base chair
  79. From the American Airlines VP Ops/Chief Pilot
  80. The LAX Warehouse Dinner Shetland Pony show
  81. AMR, launching merger review, sends NDA to U
  82. Ruling delayed for APFA vote?
  83. Southwest will win in Consolidation
  84. Horton strikes back!
  85. AA "LBFO"/TA may be voted down
  86. CEOs from AMR, USAir meet to discuss merger
  87. American nets exclusivity extension
  88. Doug Parker CNBC 1500, 7/18
  89. Parker got to BA chief
  90. US Airways supports American extension
  91. American, TWU in tentative pact
  92. AMR to mull options including merger CEO says
  93. NY times artical
  94. AA TA - Industry Rate Comparables (DOS+36)
  95. July 1 Retirements
  96. AMR, APA talks shift merger plans? Extension?
  97. Why is AA canceling so many flights?
  98. AMR pilots to vote; APFA, TWU talks next week
  99. AMR, APFA to talk, hopes pin to APA offer
  100. US Airways pilots who are in the know
  101. Ruling delayed, APA members to vote June 27
  102. Judge Lane Delays Ruling
  103. Union board rejects AMR offer, court rules to
  104. AA Recalls, Hiring and Retirements
  105. Tell Me Doug Isn't Looking For a Free Ride
  106. American, APA fail to agree, judge to rule
  107. Scope Proposals
  108. What bases does AA have?
  109. US Airways CEO: 'Great progress' being made
  110. AMR / US AIRWAYS - any recent news ?
  111. Sick calls and retirements increase
  112. American/Unions continue talks, no successyet
  113. American, unions to begin mediation talks
  114. TPG and US Airways
  115. Ruling on rejection of labor pacts on June 22
  116. Thinking outside the box.......
  117. US Airways Exec: AMR Merger/Pilot Seniority
  118. American settles with 5 of 7 TWU groups
  119. PHX Usapa rep's update re: Merger
  120. AMR said to be ready to explore sale
  121. This is why a US/AA merger wont work
  122. AA forced to cancel more flights?
  123. Open Letter From AA Captain
  124. AMR wants to increase revenue by a billion.
  125. Thoughts from an AA mechanic
  126. Holly Hegemen take on AA Management
  127. Usapa CLT-PHL Joint meeting
  128. Thoughts...
  129. Leonidas speaks on the merger
  130. News: AA will likely consider merger
  131. APA/US Air term sheet ATTN Furloughees!!!
  132. Best contract possible.
  133. Letter from APA to pilots on merger
  134. Us/aa sli
  135. It's Not a Rape...
  136. Progress of the AMR Bankruptcy
  137. AA Electronic Access
  138. Jmpseat
  139. AMR loses $619 million in month of FEB
  140. AA puts itself up for sale
  141. AMR to ask court to reject labor contracts
  142. AA declines binding arbitration
  143. Llc & aa
  144. Where is AA73?
  145. I wish this guy was EAGLYFLY
  146. AMR freezing pensions?
  147. The Numbers:
  148. APA seeks declaratory judgment against AMR
  149. Boston Consultants belly up to trough
  150. Latest & Greatest on bAAnkruptcy
  151. What if it's left up to the judge?
  152. A concise article on AA
  153. American Airlines and Bain Capital
  154. AMR CEO ridicules possible USAir bid
  155. Required reading for AA pilots
  156. Interesting perspective on PBGC!
  157. AMR to APA term sheet proposal
  158. AA cutting 400 pilot jobs, 13,000 total
  159. AA to cut up to 15,000 jobs NBCdfw
  160. The future of AA?
  161. Cool How APA Abandoned Retired Pilots
  162. US Airways Said to Develop AMR Merger Plan to
  163. AMR only paid $6.5 mil to their employee pens
  164. Perry looking to purchase AA (Satire)
  165. AMR may be sold off
  166. "The stick when unions refuse the carrot"
  167. Eagle Flow?
  168. AAMRQ is the new symbol
  169. Eagle Hiring?
  170. Judge grants DOH for TWA in closing of STL
  171. Any retirements on 1/1/12?
  172. 12-30-11: AMR down 33% / being delisted
  173. RJ's replacing ATR's some Eagle Routes
  174. Will AA still hire in 2012?
  175. An article about AMR bankruptcy
  176. AMR Bankruptcy Atty interview on Bloomberg
  177. American Airlines' $30 million London Home
  178. Alaska and JetBlue
  179. Boyd Group AA Analysis
  180. American Airlines pensions a rich target in b
  181. How Many American guys retired 12/1/11
  182. Value of USAir merger?
  183. Now how does American Eagle look?
  184. A-fund Lump-Sum payout
  185. Stop playing the VICTIM CARD
  186. MSNBC Finally Gets One Correct
  187. Is it possible to not sign a new contract?
  188. Unasked for Advice
  189. AA Press Conference
  190. AMR opens for trading 77% lower
  191. Arpey already has a new job
  192. AMR Files For Bankruptcy
  193. A letter that perfectly sums up AA
  194. AMR bankruptcy?
  195. AMR Bankruptcy would save the company $800M
  196. AMR in play?
  197. AMR stock
  198. AMR $436 million loss
  199. Investor offers $9.25 per share for AMR