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  1. Military guy making the transition
  2. UAL vs SWA in Houston?
  3. Milkeep vs Beyond Blue Logbook
  4. Question about Application
  5. The military pilot crunch is everywhere...
  6. Military Helo/FW to major airlines
  7. Non pilot veteran vs pilot veteran app.
  8. ALPA insurance and Tricare
  9. Military Records Questions
  10. AD Navy vs civilian career
  11. AFRC UPT Selectees' Average Scores/GPA/Hours
  12. Military spouses in airlines
  13. DoD SkillBridge and Career Skills Program
  14. Marine OSO
  15. Military FW to Airlines
  16. Army NG or reserve FW
  17. Blue to Green Aviation
  18. ARPC delinquent paying aviation bonus
  19. AFRC Budget hole
  20. Navy Helos to Primary T6 IP to SWA?
  21. Coast Guard OCS
  22. Wow, great story!!
  23. Can I make this lifestyle work?
  24. DAL 2010 USERRA Letter
  25. Is this a good idea?
  26. LCC or stay put?
  27. Army Rotorheads at the 'Big 6'
  28. Navy>FAA conversion post retirement
  29. Reservist to airlines
  30. Marines extend bonus program
  31. From AF Mechanic to Mirage F1 Pilot
  32. AFOQT study guide?
  33. Bose A20 Military to Civilian Conversion, 737
  34. Any military veterans that used the GI Bill?
  35. Alaska Airlines USERRA Lawsuit
  36. Regional FO thinking about joining the AF Res
  37. Army Aviation Officer to major airline
  38. Competitive Stats
  39. Joining national guard and regional airlines
  40. ANG Pilot hours
  41. Army Reserves/Guard Pilot question
  42. AF Navigator to Airlines?
  43. Navy NFO to Major Airline Thread
  44. Old Letter of Recommendation: OK to Use?
  45. Can’t afford to stay at regionals (MIL)...
  46. RTP right after Rucker?
  47. Commuting out of FSD?
  48. Regional for ATP then Majors?
  49. USAF Flight Records to Electronic Logbook
  50. AFRC LOD process
  51. SIC time
  52. Seeking Guidance on Continuing Service
  53. Zero IP Time and Need Career Advice
  54. Junior Army Reserves WO & Future 121 Pilot?
  55. "Chief Pilot" Designation
  56. New source for military aviators...
  57. Joining WOFT during airline career
  58. Airline to Mil
  59. Warrant Officer and Reserves
  60. Army Pilot to Air Force Pilot Transfer
  61. Hill AFB: Flying Club
  62. KC-135 Fuel System Help
  63. Zoe Kotnik
  64. Military medical waiver.
  65. Warrant Officer or Officer
  66. Maximum Age For New Pilot Hire In Military
  67. MIL to 121
  68. Oth dd214
  69. Fork in the road
  70. UAL vs AA
  71. New bonuses NOT stemming the exodus
  72. Deployments
  73. Offutt Air Force Base flooded
  74. 153rd Wing - Cheyenne
  75. UAL vs SWA...what am I missing?
  76. Major Airline Application Review and Prep
  77. AI wingmen?
  78. Air Force Reserve is hiring - Introduction
  79. ATP Timing
  80. Competitive time
  81. Is Air National Guard worth looking at?
  82. ANG and school possible
  83. Best Airline Option for Non-current Mil
  84. UPT
  85. CRAF
  86. Taking ATP While Non-current
  87. Unique job openings....
  88. Air National Guard Pilot
  89. Career Prospects While In Military Reserve
  90. C-12 Qual help a rotor guy?
  91. Which Regional with a looming deployment?
  92. Anyone get hired by a major non-current
  93. Military Helicopter Pilot
  94. Flying for the National Guard
  95. Next Flying Assignment Before Airline App?
  96. Regionals taking non-current military pilots?
  97. VA disability still first class?
  98. Should I pursue a major... QoL?
  99. KC-46 Rated/ Non-Rated Pilot Opening Pease
  100. ANG vs. Reserves?
  101. When/why is it not worth getting out early?
  102. Career Advice For Daughter, Navy ROTC NFO
  103. Help with Critical Field Length
  104. XH558 - Last flight of a Vulcan Bomber
  105. Red light camera
  106. Joining with a juvenile record
  107. Mil FE with ATP to mainline
  108. Retire now or in three years?
  109. Marine F/A-18 and KC-130 down off Japan
  110. How to spend remaining time on Active Duty?
  111. Navy’s top 5th Fleet commander found dead
  112. Reserve GI Bill
  113. Army Fixed Wing
  114. Post 9-11 gibill
  115. Another T38 down at DLF
  116. Retired Navy Looking at Airlines
  117. Naval Reserves
  118. Career Intermission Program
  119. FTU / IFF Hours (student vs PIC)
  120. ANG pilot killed in a SU27
  121. Checking application squares
  122. Security Clearance / Application Question
  123. Military PIC or 121 SIC? Which matters more?
  124. Study for Aviation Safety
  125. Army FW O-3 - Need advice
  126. Navy VR squadron opportunities
  127. F-35B down, pilot OK
  128. Considering Gojets? USERRA Violations
  129. Free FAA testing, weird situation
  130. Patch Cords
  131. RND T-6 crash, both pilots ejected and are ok
  132. Hiring opportunity
  133. All this talk of pilot shortage...
  134. United Job + Reserves???
  135. Recency and Non-Flying Jobs
  136. DPE?
  137. Logbook question - fixing errors
  138. Senior leaders leaving
  139. Career/Job Fair strategy for 2019 ?
  140. Civillian Route before Military?
  141. FAA Looking at VA Records (Indictments!)
  142. Not reporting VA disabilities to FAA
  143. Expired CFI / MEI ?
  144. Air National Guard and Regionals
  145. Estimating x country as an Army guy
  146. Military type rating applicablilty to ATP rat
  147. Old Military Helo Guy to FW?
  148. Civil Air Patrol ???
  149. CAE Army Fixed-Wing Course
  150. Helicopter Pilots Wanted?
  151. Am I crazy for wanting to go to the Army??
  152. Airline to Guard
  153. Centerline thrust restriction changes.
  154. Competitiveness - Non MWS IP
  155. Not a question about military flying...
  156. ARMS Records not matching
  157. Marine Corps raising Pilot Retention Bonuses
  158. ANG Technician to regional?
  159. Army National Guard Pilot Slot
  160. Sim IP then Airlines?
  161. ANG Slot With Online Degree
  162. Guard to the Regionals
  163. What to do until retirement?
  164. Retiring military - when to submit apps
  165. To finish CFI before or after
  166. No Future Outside
  167. Military or flight school?
  168. Where to start? AF to airlines
  169. Flight Engineer time towards R-ATP
  170. AF Flying History Report
  171. Flight School witholding my GI Bill reimburse
  172. Live MGM, drive ATL?
  173. Anyone flown for the AMO(border patrol)
  174. Do airlines want to see your military record?
  175. B-1Bs grounded
  176. Become a CFI?
  177. Choosing a digital logbook
  178. Should I Enlist First
  179. Future airline hiring wave
  180. Memorial Day
  181. Regional Scheduling and Military Reserves
  182. That's it...I QUIT!
  183. Big Blue has 69 initiatives to keep pilots
  184. RTP Time Building in Minneapolis
  185. Graduate Degrees
  186. Dealing with commercial flight operations
  187. NG rotary or straight to regionals?
  188. Military Crashes and Safety Record
  189. 😔 Guard C-130 Down
  190. Does which Regional matter?
  191. 340th FTG Reserve IP
  192. Afrotc vs. Ang
  193. Life in the Airlines
  194. Tricare ID?
  195. Logbook for RTP
  196. ANG vs Navy Route - Advice
  197. Retiring and TAP class
  198. How Do I Get To YOUR Major?
  199. Military to Majors
  200. Air Force-Warrant Officer Pilots
  201. Army Fixed Wing to Air NG or Reserve
  202. GI Bill and RTP
  203. Leave early for airlines under internship
  204. Current status of AFRC Unsponsored Boards
  205. Separating at 17.5 Years
  206. Letters of Rec
  207. Army Aviation Officer Vs Warrant?
  208. Palace Chase/Availability Date/When to Submit
  209. USERRA/Airline Training
  210. Tricare For Life Pharmacy Copay
  211. Navy’s New Targeted Reentry Program
  212. AF Reserve Chances
  213. Regional or Sim Instructor
  214. Why I chose FedEx
  215. How soon is too soon to apply?
  216. Looking for an ARNG or USAR job UH60M or C12
  217. Flight related tax deductions?
  218. What's competitive for UPT selection?
  219. Pure helo pilots hired by a major?
  220. Setting an availability date
  221. What are the chances I fly for the military
  222. Best Route To The ANG
  223. How to address termination from military, hon
  224. Missing the Hiring wave for UPT
  225. Air National Guard Pilot - Obtaining More Hrs
  226. Sanctuary and USERRA
  227. Jump or get off the pot...
  228. Options for a 1P
  229. Long Term goals for an Army UH-60 pilot
  230. Career advice
  231. Navy Helo Pilot to ARNG
  232. Promote or Retire?
  233. Draken / ATAC
  234. Study material
  235. Seeking military separation plan review
  236. Best Use of the GI Bill for a Military Pilot
  237. Fly Pay (ACIP) Increase?
  238. Question on becoming an ANG reserve
  239. Navy pipeline selection help
  240. “Arrested” for crossing red line?
  241. Airline to ANG
  242. USAF Nav- potential hires care?
  243. Contacting a person via PM
  244. ANG/AFRC UPT Interview Questions
  245. Navy Pilot through OCS
  246. What makes up recency?
  247. AH-64D/E SIP/IE for ANG
  248. UAV pilot considering move to airlines
  249. USAF to try civilian to AF track
  250. USAF Thunderbirds CO relieved of command