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02-14-2017, 08:28 PM
Your expert advice and recommendations are's time for a new flight bag. I fly corporate right now and go anywhere from 1 night to 4 nights. (Any trips longer than that we end up in AR where the company has an apartment for me and I can keep fresh undies :D)

Currently I'm flying with a travel-pro roll aboard for my overnight trips. Works fine but is kinda big in the turbo-prop I fly especially if the owner and his wife and dog (and their luggage) is onboard. Upfront with me I just have a leather messenger bag that holds any flight gear I need, EFB, and my laptop and chargers.

It's Part 91 and I'm the only pilot so I can leave my headset in the plane and don't need to really pack it away every day.

I have a basic Brightline but idk I'm not real impressed seems like overkill for what I carry with me. I like having something in the passengers seat up front with me though.

Anyone have any suggestions on what they like?

02-15-2017, 06:46 AM
LA Police Gear Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag - Best Seller (

The store is near my house so I went and looked at these in person. Would make a great small flight / gear bag, and for $21...hard to go wrong.