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View Full Version : Flesh Eating Bacteria

03-04-2017, 03:04 PM
The medical terminology is Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF).

I got a call from a friend asking legal help for another friend. During the call, he turned to speak with a nurse a couple times, so of course, I asked him why he was speaking with a nurse.

In October, he had a scratch and within 18 hours, he was in the hospital and had 3 surgeries for flesh eating bacteria. He had to go into a rehab center because the bandages needed changing. He's still in rehab.

I asked him how he got it, and his doctor said it was from constant use of antibacterial or antimicrobial soaps. The bacteria that causes this NF mutated.

I asked if this was on his neck or arm or leg. He said it was "in my butt." Since he couldn't turn around to look, his doctor took a picture of it with the doctor's hand next to the wound. My friend said the wound was bigger than the doctor's hand.

So, please throw out all those antibacterial soaps. Go natural, the most natural of which is Aleppo soap (also known as ghar soap or laurel soap).

Here are some pictures I found of NF at work.

03-04-2017, 03:11 PM
If the doctor said that this individual patient contacted NF because he used too much antibacterial soap, he should have his license revoked. What was probably said, was the increasing use of antibacterials was causing bacteria to evolve resistant strains.

01-07-2018, 10:05 AM
I was terrified that the OP was going to say a history of necfas was a disqualifying condition, as I experienced that earlier this year. Moral of the story is that staph is everywhere, so clean even the smallest cuts.

01-07-2018, 04:50 PM
Necrotizing fasciitis is caused by Group A strep. It is the same organism that causes strep throat. Although strep throat can also be caused by Group G strep which harbors in dogs so sometimes humans can get strep throat from having their dogs lick their face. I know this because I work microbiology. I routinely type people's throats cultures and wound cultures to find out what is causing the infection.
In adults with type 2 diabetes is it usually Group B strep which infects limbs when a persons diabetes is out of control causing loss of limb.
However strep A the necrotizing kind is very serious. Anytime I identify it I am required to send an alert to the physician immediately so patient can get treatment.
Fwiw there are 5 kinds of Beta streps which is what they are called and it is A,B, C, F and G.

Staph causes different problems but not like Strep A which is what the OP meant.

01-08-2018, 05:59 PM
humans can get strep throat from having their dogs lick their face.

My dog licks her hoochie and her butt, and licks my face. (not always in that order)

Am I at risk????

01-08-2018, 11:24 PM
My dog licks her hoochie and her butt, and licks my face. (not always in that order)

Am I at risk????
Yeah more than just whatever :eek: you seek to do with said partner. The dog who couldn't get enough of you! Hmm!
Yeah I am not sure I want to be in that room. Good luck with that treatment with a physician. Explain that what the heck you are doing having said dog licking you all over. I would not want to see that chart. Yeah I would say whatever man! Here are your antibiotics.

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