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View Full Version : North Atlanta Area AME WARNING

04-13-2017, 10:45 AM
Just wanted to post a warning here about Dr. John Shih at Swanee Family's Physicians located at 960 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suwanee, GA.

I came in for my 1st class medical, first time here because my regular doc moved out of state. Everything was moving along well until he got to the Phoria test. For those of you who don't know, it's the one where you have to align letters or lines. I never had an issue with this exam, however, according to Dr. Shih, I failed completely. Things got worse from there, instead of letting me get a second opinion from my regular eye doctor, he calls the FAA for consultation. I expressed my frustration and immediately went to my eye doctor for a second opinion. At my eye doctor I passed the test with no problems, he was confused how I could have failed. I immediately faxed this information to Dr. Shih but I was now told that I would have to wait till the next day for an answer from the FAA. I heard from his office the following day and was told that the FAA said I was good to go. They tried to schedule me for later in the month until I told them that was unacceptable. I came in later that afternoon and Dr. Shih again insisted on administering his test. This time he said I was within limits.

Overall a terrible experience, please don't visit this doctor. I'm debating if I should file a complaint with the FAA, any suggestions?

04-13-2017, 11:23 AM
How long has he been an AME?
I'd consult with AOPA legal before taking any steps.

04-14-2017, 07:27 PM
Seems like this guy is a senior AME. Surprising. In any case always ask around before trying someone out especially if your flying career depends on it.

There is a thread out here somewhere (which you obviously missed) with AME's in the ATL area and recommendations.

Hope you got everything resolved and thanks for the PIREP.

04-15-2017, 10:05 AM
Yeah, I definitely dropped the ball by not checking, never again.

04-16-2017, 05:05 PM
The machines those guys use suck. I couldn't pass acuity with my left eye last time...until I wiped the snot or whatever it was off the left eyepiece.