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08-11-2017, 06:23 PM
Well I've never run into this before. So I filled out an application for First Class medical on MedXpress last week, double checked every question and answer, submitted, and printed off a copy of the app with the confirmation number. Today was my medical exam with the AME. I got through all the vital measurements with the nurse, but when my AME came in he said he wasn't certified to give 1st classes, just 2nd and 3rd. However when I called his office to make the appointment, I asked if he gave the first class and his assistant said yes. Yes, I know I could have checked the FAAs AME directory to verify, but he's been my AME for the last two 2nd class exams, and I trusted what his scheduler told me. Anyway, I said a 2nd class was fine right now... I only hold a CPL, and wouldn't need a 1st Class for at least several months down the line. He finished my exam, then took my original 8500-8 form with the confirmation number, and said he would correct the application to show I applied for a 2nd class, not 1st class. He re-generated a new 8500-8 and gave it to me.

Well, when I got home an hour later, I looked over the "new" 8500-8 and there in box 4 was a Social Security no. I've never seen the likes of before. Certainly not mine, and really strange numbers. Called his office immediately, they were dumbfounded and said they'd ask him and call right back. No call came, so I call them back an hour later. The secretary claimed she tried to call me back (total bs), and told me the AME said I'd have to call Oklahoma City to straighten things out, as he's already transmitted the report. I also got the feeling she was suggesting the error was made on my behalf, saying nothing was changed on the new app except for the class of medical I was applying for. I have a copy of my original 8500-8, and as I said, I double checked everything and on it is my correct SSN. Not sure if OC is going to give me a roasting for not checking the new completed 8500-8 immediately after he handed it to me or not. Moreover, this does not invalidate my 2nd class medical I jut took and passed with flying colors in any way, does it? Certainly OC would catch the error when comparing the two different SSNs... but what they do after that I have no idea. Of course I'm calling them first thing Monday. But how embarrassing.

08-11-2017, 08:59 PM
IIRC there's an option on the digital 8710, if you don't want to risk giving out your SSN, for the system to generate an ID number that is used instead of the SSN.

Maybe that got triggered when he updated the medical app?

08-11-2017, 09:15 PM
Hi rickair,

No, I don't think that was it. The last time I applied for a certificate was a LONG time ago, back when we still had paper and the SSN was our lic #. I converted it to the modern license with some help from a FSDO, and it does have a cert #, but it is not the same # as what I got today... which is a 9 digit # in SSN format. The office did say that # didn't belong to anyone, as it is a strange # with a lot of 9s in it. I'm not sure the front office is particularly with it, and for all I know my AME is chewing them out, as well as for telling me he could do 1st classes.

08-11-2017, 11:28 PM
I just did Medxpress the other day. It had an option to select "do not use SSN" and it generated a 9 digit number that was not related to my pilot certificate number (which I also select do not use SSN). The two numbers were unrelated and the one that medxpress generated was in the SSN format.

08-12-2017, 02:17 AM
Thanks to you both, now I know what happened. I'm sure my AME just checked the "declined to submit SSN" box when he updated my application. I must have skipped over that box when I filled out the form on MedXpress, submitting my actual social. Between that and the justifiable frustration with the clueless new front office personnel, I think I assumed an additional error was made. I don't even see the need to call OC at this point.

Zondaracer... did the number that was generated for you start with something like 998? That's what I got.

08-12-2017, 08:20 AM
The number generated was like 889 or 898 or something similar.