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View Full Version : Pilot Tax Prep

09-23-2017, 08:06 AM
Looking for help finding a tax professional that is familiar with airline and military pilot industry and can maximize my deductions. Also need someone that's good at small business as my wife is a freelancer.

I really would like someone who can sit me down and tell me EXACTLY what's needed and how to catalog and organize myself so that when the time comes everything is ready.

A bonus would be someone investment savvy as well. Not looking for someone to manage my investments but more so how to strategize along side the tax bill.

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10-04-2017, 07:11 AM
There should be references from those around your work. I'd ask others you work with. I have a more simple picture, muddle through on my own with Turbotax. I do agree I may leave a bit on the table with deductions, but I don't want to flag myself over a small gain. I can make hay elsewhere.

With you tax investment question, it starts with all the tax sheltered savings opportunities. The biggies are the 401k/IRA options, 529 plans for kids, 'tax managed' accounts after that, or even 'tax efficient' accounts that limit trading. When teenagers get that 1st job, get them going with a Roth IRA.

Using pretax $$ in a 'heath savings account' can help a bit.

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