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View Full Version : Air Wisconsin Training.

09-28-2017, 01:53 AM
Good day everyone.
I am currently a 121 CL-65 typed pilot, looking to move on to Air Wisconsin. I have an interview on 10/3 in ORD. Just wanted to see if anyone had some insight on the interview process, commuter policy (I would be trying to get IAD), also if the company is all that they say they are. Also i heard the training can be pretty intense, how would someone that's already typed in CRJs transition? Thanks in advanced.

09-28-2017, 03:08 AM
I think a lot of people that haven't been getting through lately have been pilots with previous 121 experience. I think this is because they are lulled into a false sense of security because they've been through initial before. Biggest piece of advice I have is to not become complacent. Treat it as if its new material and study.

As far as commuting goes you should have two options to your domicile. The first one needs to arrive no less than 2 hours before your scheduled check in and your second option should be no less than 30 minutes prior. Call scheduling if you dont get on the first one and if need be they might be able to positive space you.

And regarding the interview, just be yourself. Getting hired is the easy part.

09-28-2017, 04:10 AM
Typed or not
Treat it as though you've never seen the plane or ever flown the plane before. Come in with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Ask questions, study and come prepared. And by all means, nobody wants to hear "when I was at my last airline, we did it like this."
You're no longer there and the instructors don't want to hear it.
Come prepared and be yourself. Be that person we would enjoy sitting in the plane for four days and working together.

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