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11-07-2017, 02:38 PM
The 327th Airlift Squadron, which operates the C-130J out of Little Rock AFB, is currently accepting applicants for UPT, as well as highly qualified rated applicants. To apply, please send the following:

UPT Applicants:

1. Resume and cover letter

2. Three letters of recommendation

3. Last three OPR/EPR/NCOERs (if applicable)

4. Last three AF Form 8s (if applicable)

5. Latest Fit to Fight scores (if applicable)

6. Official college transcripts

7. Copies of FAA certificates and medical

8. AFOQT scores

9. PCSM score

10. Completed AF Form 24

For rated applicants, we highly desire current and qualified C-130J instructors and aircraft commanders. Other applicants with airlift backgrounds will be considered. Please send the following:

1. Resume with cover letter

2. Last three OPRs

3. Last three AF Form 8s

4. Latest Fit to Fight scores

5. Copy of SURF

Please send the complete packets to:

327th Airlift Squadron
266 Cannon Drive
Little Rock AFB, AR 72099
Attn Lt Col Chris Dickens

Rated applicants can scan and email their packets. For additional information please email at [email protected]