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View Full Version : Pay 3% income tax

12-04-2017, 04:15 AM
This information is for European pilots/mechanics/engineers which work as self employed for any of the European Airlines. We know that income tax in any of the European countries is too high. So that most of your income goes to the state.
Our company has the solution for that problem.
If you own a company in Romania, you pay tax only 3% of your income.This tax is payable every 3 months, calculated from the income you had in the past 3 months.
That is our core business : we create companies for foreign pilots (and not only) on Romanian territory. You - as a pilot - do not have to live or work in Romania, as long as you own a Legal Romanian Company. Our pilot customers are very happy with the choice they made for saving their hard worked money. References available.
Services offered to customers are assistance with all paperwork in opening their new Romanian company, legal and fiscal advice, bookkeeping, secretarial assistance, translations, contacts related to their domain of activity (suppliers, publicity, personnel recruitment) and also real estate support in finding their perfect location for the business activity.
Have your Romanian company up and running in two weeks and start saving your money wisely!
More details and contact on fb Eurotrade.Consulting

12-11-2017, 10:36 AM

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