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12-23-2017, 12:44 PM
I currently fly commercially (non 121) and have just been prescribed one of the four approve-able SSRI's.

With a first class medical, I just want to confirm that I should be grounding myself until I can talk to an AME and go through the whole approval process for a special issuance?

One colleague has said I don't need to do anything until my next medical is due, but the way I read everything I should be self grounding and need at least 6 months on the same dosage before I should even try to get approved (as well as the rest of the checklist the FAA put out).

I don't know if the diagnosis is important, but it was for anxiety not depression. And from what I read that is also possible to get a special issuance with.

Thanks for any replies!

12-24-2017, 04:54 AM
You can check with a consultant, but I'm pretty sure anxiety or SSRIs fall into the immediate grounding category.

I suggest you talk to a consultant or AOPA before the FAA. It's possible in theory to get approved to fly with SSRIs but word is that it's very difficult. Might be better off getting well, then off SSRIs. You should be able to get a medical after that with minimal hassles.

Lifestyle changes and therapy might work, and let you get off meds. Especially if it was caused by a transient life event. Just because you're prone to anxiety or depression doesn't mean you have to be anxious or depressed. Self awareness goes a long way.