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View Full Version : Contacting a person via PM

12-23-2017, 05:50 PM
One of the coolest things about being on APC is I will occasionally get guys reaching out to share stories, ask for info or advice, or just say "hi".

Here's the problem. APC is AWESOME for sharing info and opinions, or having a laugh. Its pretty lousy when you've been here a while and your inbox fills up for comm. I don't check APC three times a day for mail, but my email is pretty much continually monitored. Email is a much easier way to make contact and keep the comm channels open.

Today I had someone send a second request for contact and sent an email. The email bounced, and the "user name" showed invalid as well when I tried to reply to the latest PM. I don't know if this guy is having a glitch with a computer or suddenly decided to go dark, but apparently he is "transmit only" and cannot receive messages.

My suggestions is if you reach out to me or any other poster here for anything put an email in your PM so they can contact you. If reaching out to me you can also use the link on my signature line to send an email via our ECIC site if that is easier.

Second--I'm not "Dear Abby". If you want advice on what airline to pick or how to rush a Guard unit or which regional airline might be best for your to get back into the saddle, I am MORE than glad to opine. Hell, I love BSing with fellow pilots! But--I'm going to to have to talk/write to a person, not a screen name. If you aren't willing to at least tell me who I am chatting with I'm not interested in talking. I'm not going to dime you out to your boss, nor am I going to print anything you write or say to embarrass you. I just think if you know who I am the courtesy should be reciprocated.

So--if you sent me a PM recently and still haven't heard back--that's why. Suggest you send a note via the ECIC site link on my signature until we get this figured out.

Finally--I'll remind you guys looking at airlines that people have been disciplined for APC type board postings. You are never really anonymous in the digital world. If you post all the facts about your FedEx or Delta interview ("....2000 Hour F-18 guy, interviewed second week of January, 3.5 GPA military academy....") etc you aren't hard to triangulate. Everything you say beyond that point can probably be walked back to you in the future. Any additional data can be found with subsequent posts (...."just got awarded A320 in SLC on the last AE!
Woohoo!...") That's another reason to drop the internet tough guy BS and talk like we were across the table from each other, because this place is rarely as anonymous as you think. My point is if you think you are "protecting" yourself with a screen name, you probably aren't. Don't post anything you wouldn't say to a person or to your boss, and you are probably okay. Stray too far off that guidance...and...well.....I'll let HSLD and his team share their own war stories.

angry tanker
12-24-2017, 07:41 AM
I'll send you a quick pm 😜! Thanks for all the advice and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!