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View Full Version : Republic pay

12-29-2017, 11:51 PM
If you're willing, could you post how much you made at republic during the year.

Include your years of service, position, and if you're including per diem, bonuses, or other compensation.

12-30-2017, 07:46 AM
As a general rule, I usually take home ~62% of my hourly rate X number of hours worked (75 being min guarantee). Thatís with 10% going to my 401k and $200/month to HSA. Obviously itís not 100% accurate and your taxes/deductions might be different, but itís pretty close for me every month. 5 year CA. I believe it was closer to 65% as an FO for me.

12-30-2017, 09:12 PM
$57K first year, $63K second year. Before taxes of course and that includes every penny the company sent my way. Averaged 15 - 16 days off for the entire 2nd year.

12-31-2017, 09:42 AM
I have been here about a year and a half. My first full year (no training pay or signing bonus) W2 will be $52,000. I live in base and rarely work extra. Averaging 16+ days off a month. This includes per diem as well.

01-01-2018, 12:38 AM
Senior FO. Flying ave 85 hrs credit/month, ave 15 days off, $52k last tax year...2016 (NOT including per diem).