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View Full Version : Attention G150 drivers

01-08-2018, 09:15 AM
..For the G150 drivers..Please use caution when opening the door..Below is a google translate from a recent accident in Finland, that killed the captain..:..

..Both pilots were outside the plane and a cabin crew member was inside. Preflight inspection and possible snow removal were in progress.
The Captain of the plane had opened the door of a commercial jet, and it was plunged by power on top the pilot. The hinged door at the bottom fell with the force, on the captain, and the parts flew about 10 meters away.

In the accident, the German Captain of the plane opened the door. The police described him as an experienced pilot in his announcement.
The engine's engines were not running at the time of the event, but the APU power plant was running, producing electricity for the machine's systems and also air for heating the interior of the machine. In Kittilä, there was more than 20 degrees of freezing.

Kittilän Gulfstream-turmakoneen lennontallentimet puretaan - OTKES aloittaa turvallisuustutkinnan | ( puretaan_otkes_aloittaa_turvallisuustutkinnan)