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01-10-2018, 07:49 PM
I have spent hours of research on a niche market of trading whereby people convert video game assets into virtual currencies like Ethreum, bitcoin, and dogecoin. The virtual-coin markets have always fared better within niche environments and tend to dry out fast once they get into the spotlight of mass media. The appeal to bitcoin for a long time was the lack of oversight from the public eye and traders alike, and I think the perfect storm has been brewing to make a revolutionary step in trading as a whole. I guess this is just the fact of the future.
Here is an asset that sells from 200$ to 1700$

Many of these parcels can be used to diversify a portfolio, and (due to the climactic relevance of this particular video game's userbase) are optional means to secure a lump sum of money that can be converted into a digital currency, sometimes at a price that benefits the asset-trader over the currency-trader.

The introduction of celebrity endorsements with some select assets has lead to a bubble of value causing very cheap assets as shown below:
Here is an instance where an asset normally valued at 7,000$ has risen in price due to rarity to upwards of 40,000$ without the need of celebrity endorsement.
Here is an instance of an asset being valued far far higher due to celebrity endorsement and acclaim. Although the original asset is valued anywhere from 2$ to 5$, this particular one is valued at 2,700$ which would make it a 1000% jump in value. The benefit to the celebrity endorsed items is they hold value much longer than any other asset variant on the market, and also gain value much faster. With the right celebrity signatures, they can be valuable trading items for bitcoin and dogecoin users.

What do you think about using alternative trading parcels in your investment portfolios?

Have you considered the possibility of using such assets as the above to ensure long-term stability?

What do you think of the long-term stability of a niche market in any form of trading, but particularly with virtual assets?

Why do you suppose virtual currencies are becoming so popular? (bitcoin, OPE, Ethereum, FHDs, Centi-coin, iCUPs)

Have you ever traded in virtual currencies before?

01-19-2018, 08:15 PM
Anyone mining in the hotels? Would a portable rig be worth carrying around for alt coins? Just thinking about a laptop that could be plugged in on the overnight and let it run.

01-20-2018, 07:46 AM
Bah! Pilots will never fall for “tax-free easy money with no work” schemes, because they are too shrewd.
Oh, wait......never mind. :p