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View Full Version : AME in Nashville. Hollinger?

01-19-2018, 08:46 AM
Has anyone heard of an AME near Nashville named Hollinger? I assume that is a last name.

Good? Bad? Indifferent?

01-19-2018, 09:10 AM
Good guy. Been to him twice.

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01-19-2018, 10:21 AM
Dr. Hollinger was great. He was the first AME that I went to after 30 years with Charlie Smith (He retired in 2014). Dr. Hollinger was also the first AME I went to returning to flying after cancer. He did his best to make sure that he got the FAA moving as much as he could.

Very similar office set up to Dr. Smith, with his Wife running the office like Mrs. Smith. No sick people in the office, just pilots. Very reasonable price, as well.

You won't be disappointed with Dr. Hollinger.

01-19-2018, 10:39 AM
Looks like at least 2 guys like this AME. Thanks