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View Full Version : Concerned about next medical

01-19-2018, 10:33 AM
Im doing my 1st class next week, but I have to report some visits to healthcare professionals this time. Last year I went to the ER with some mild chest pain, had a full work up and followed up with a cardiologist. I did a maximal exercise stress test, echocardiogram and labs. Nothing has been found to be wrong with my heart, except mild hypertension which the cardiologist prescribed a med which is approved. Im also on lipitor for cholesterol. He suggested the pain was stress related.

The folks at amas said I should be ok to be issued a 1st class, but a part of me doesn’t believe them. The AME I’m scheduled with specializes in SI and certification issues.

Anyone ever been in a similar situation? Thanks.

01-19-2018, 11:13 AM
I have heard of a suggestion by an AME that before an applicant fills out and e-signs the MedExpress form, you discuss your recent medical visits with him/her so that they can potentially provide guidance on proper “wording” of the details of your medical visits appropriately. Obviously being honest is vital, but careful wording may also help your situation.

Do you have AOPA or airline Union medical peeps you can call?

From what you have said here, Disclaimer: (I am not an AME or physician), there is potential for a review of your application and/or it being put “on hold” while you may need to jump thru a bunch more hoops... Hang in there & good luck!

01-19-2018, 11:34 AM
Jumping through extra hoops is precisely what I’m worried about. I have access to AMAS via alpa. I’ve called them a couple times and they didnt seem to indicate I would have any trouble.

01-20-2018, 03:56 AM
I had concerns before my medical a few years ago. I scheduled a consultation with the same AME about a month prior. I sat down with him and told him everything thats going on. He advised me which forms I will need to get filled out by all my doctors. Once I had everything together, I scheduled my medical, filled out MedExpress, brought my filled out forms and it was all good.

01-20-2018, 09:21 AM
You'll be fine.... there are lot of pilots flying with much worse conditions that have a SI.