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View Full Version : Life on the S80

01-29-2018, 03:50 PM
I see they’re still putting new hires on the S80/DFW, and it looks like that will continue for the next few months.

Just curious what a junior FO could expect for a schedule? SC, LC, hold a line anytime soon (or at all before you get displaced)? Early reports, late release? Any DH like the E190? Do reserves go senior at all in DFW?


01-29-2018, 08:58 PM
I haven’t flown the S80 since summer of 16, but a cursory look indicates:

Bid status - obviously it’s very junior due to the fact that 5-10% of every new class this year is awarded S80/DFW.
February status is 212 FO’s with 189 in final June pref bid... NOT counting new hires.

Schedule - LC is most junior schedule for Feb, SC following then hybrid and regular lines. Bottom line holder is 88% in the Feb bid. Open Time shows many 2-3 day trips, no all nighters that I can see with a majority of them on Friday-Sunday. There are some turns posted in OT, but not many.

I sat SC in base and held most weekends off at 80ish % (pre PBS). I flew about 30-40hrs a month, mostly easy day turns and maybe a two day once a month. I jumped to the bus because I could no longer hold weekends off and the turns started drying up. I did get several ‘secondary’ lines at 80% - like hybrid PBS lines. Life was pretty good but it seemed like a switch went off one day and my QWL vanished. I have a classmate still on it and he bids SC in base most weekends off and rarely flys - so maybe I got antsy. He’s a around 75% though, 2014 hire and if you are a relative new hire I don’t think you’re going to be that senior ever on the S80. Most everyone that could have left has.

You also have several senior folks in other bases not able to get to DFW on the bus or 737 that will exercise S80 entitlements to get into DFW and hope they eventually get displaced into another DFW bid.

The plane is the “hardest working” for the FO, but really wasn’t bad when you got used to it. It was quiet, but antiquated by today’s standards- at least it was hot in the summer!

Good luck!

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01-30-2018, 06:42 AM
I bid around 60% but that is up from 70% from just a few months ago. Seniority gain is pretty fast. Lots going to the DFW 767 bid status from here. I flew the Airbus a few years. In comparison the S80 is a much "harder" airplane to operate, lots more to memorize, ground school really was quite a bit harder. The cockpit is cramped. But it flies better and I enjoy it more.

As for the schedules. I would look for them to change. Once the summer comes and goes you're going to see another reduction. All bets are off. But my first trip off OE I did a 19 hour three day. I never saw that on an Airbus even if you were senior. Trips are fairly efficient but I'm guessing sit times will increase going forward as flying is drawn down.

I'm guessing there will be money to be made in the summer with OG flying if you live in base. The first day I put in for premium they called me for a $2300 trip that left at 10pm and got back at 4pm the next can be fairly lucrative.

02-03-2018, 06:37 PM
Easy work if you can get it, especially if you still remember how to fly.

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