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View Full Version : MSP

01-29-2018, 05:47 PM
Still a new guy am trying to eliminate the commute part of the gig apologize if this has been asked 10x times before but how long to hold at MSP?

01-29-2018, 05:53 PM
Its quick to get MSP. My guess is you’ll get ATL in training and get MSP before you’re on the line.
Have you checked into Endeavor though? Their pay is $10-$20/hour higher than ours..

01-29-2018, 06:21 PM
MSP is what NH’s are getting...atleast the last class had some MSP spots

01-30-2018, 02:53 PM
Yes but that is not the norm. We would be doing them a disservice to give an estimation based on that.
It is more typical to get ATL or DTW first and the trend has been increased flying east so ATL and DTW awards will likely continue to be the initial awards.