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03-11-2018, 10:59 PM
I am a military pilot in the process of getting ready to transition to the airlines and I have a couple concerns about my medical. I think they're non-issues but I am unsure how they'll be evaluated.

My military medical record shows I have facial nerve neuralgia -- basically a paresthesia of my left lower lip from wisdom tooth extraction.

Additionally, I have "sciatica" (neuralgia of my sciatic nerve) on record, but aside from pain and tingling, there is not any impairment of function.

I was reviewing the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners "Upper and Lower Extremities"
section ( to get an idea of what's involved in the evaluation and I'm not really sure how to proceed.

It reads "Neuralgia or Neuropathy, chronic or acute, particularly sciatica, if sufficient to interfere with function or is likely to become incapacitating" requires an FAA decision. I interpret this to read that the examiner can issue a medical based on sciatica or neuralgia of my facial nerve so long as it doesn't impair my functionality or would likely incapacitate me, but I am not sure if any of this on record requires the FAA to make the final decision, period.

I feel honesty is the best policy and, especially since it's in my military records, that it's best to disclose it to an examiner in case the FAA ever cross-checks databases with the DOD (or later VA if for some reason I claimed anything).

How do I proceed? :confused:

03-12-2018, 06:31 AM
How do I proceed? :confused:

Please seek advice from elsewhere than a pilot forum, especially with a situation where if handled incorrectly can cause you headaches, $$$, and time.

My suggestion would be to call AOPA medical services, or AMAS (the group that contracts with ALPA), or even an FAA AME to discuss prior to filling out the application. They can all tell you the info you will need to present up front which will make your application and medical go much smoother.

Good luck to you

EDIT: And yes, you must disclose this. Jump through a few hoops now to avoid jumping through fire later.

Ski Bird
03-12-2018, 06:43 AM
Like WhisperJet said, but I would add that getting the medical certificate process begun early (before retiring/separating) would be good to do.

If, after checking with AOPA medical, or a trusted AME, etc, it turns out you are potentially looking down the barrel of a lengthy deferral (I hope not, but you never know) ... at least you will have the lead time to work it.

Best case, the issues are like you suspect, non-issues, and you carried an unneeded class one medical for a few extra months.

Worst case, you are still serving (read: gainfully employed) for the chunk of time you need to sort out the deferral.

03-18-2018, 08:27 AM
Sent you a PM.