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View Full Version : Lakers at NetJets

03-29-2018, 10:45 AM

There are many of us at NJA and I think weve all heard the news by now.

If youre at Lakes, you were working hard. The same schedule at NetJets would allow you NO COMMUTE (100 Crew Bases) and base plus overtime approaching $100k first year. (Soft time paid for holidays and OT, etc). Dynamic flight schedules, thousands of airports, 420 jets consisting of several types (all with autopilots 🤭), new jets arriving constantly updating the fleet.

Fully paid medical, dental and vision. 401K with 51% match to the federal limit.

Wed love to see some of you over here!

Look at the link attached and fill out the online profile for pilots.

Good luck wherever you al end up!


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