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04-01-2018, 03:12 AM
Hi all,

Ive been flying king airs for a bit now and, while a better QoL than our rotary counterparts, the Army still knows how to suck most fun out of everything. Iíve still got some time left in the Army but am looking to transfer over to the Air National Guard or Reserve after my commitment. Iíve definitely seen it been done, but other than reaching out to each unit personally (which regardless Iíll probably do), does anybody have any tips of how to start the process? Iím interested in flying heavies (with the turboprop time I have already, Iíd be more marketable for C130s, but I wouldnít cry about a jet qual)

Additionally, two quick questions: 1) is there a solid list out there that easily shows each units location and aircraft they fly? Iíve pieced together some but not a complete comprehensive list....

And 2) Iíll be over 30 by the time I get out of the Army. Iím already tracking that the AF does not recognize the Armyís fixed wing qual course as legit. Iíve somehow also heard of others getting UPT waived. Is this likely? Is it based on hours and/or experience? Or is it who you know aka generals sign off?

Sorry for all the questions. Like I said, I still have some time left but am just seeing whatís out there. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

04-01-2018, 12:31 PM
UPT is getting creative with the time you make the switch who knows what will be required. I know a marine cobra guy who has only flown T6s in pilot training a decade ago, has no other fixed wing time, and is going straight to the KC-135 aircraft commander course. There are some 141 college CFIs going straight to T1s and bypassing T6s altogether. I heard (not confirmed) there are some regional guys skipping T6s and going straight to T1s. I know several regional guys are proficiency advancing in at least some of the UPT bases and skipping some of the T6 stuff. All that is for the heavy track...don’t think the fighter world will see much abbreviation of the syllabus. Hang out on forums and bogidope for a list of units that are hiring, the latter being the slightly better option as of late for upcoming boards. uadrons Here’s a list of all the flying squadrons to help.

Many units won’t entertain age/commissioned service waivers, though AFRC/NGB are fine with them. Even if some of UPT is waived, you still have to meet age/commissioned service limits IAW the UPT AFI. The fixed wing qual course that used to exist had no age restrictions. Hopefully that comes back. Good luck.

04-02-2018, 05:21 AM
Thx for the info BeatNavy, hopefully by the time Iím punching some of the mirky water has been cleared up. I appreciate the response!

Ps - 249 and a butt days ;)