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04-04-2018, 05:38 AM
Mornin’ Everyone!

I submitted an application yesterday and was called about 45 minutes later to schedule an interview. I received an email of what to bring, and below are the listed items. I do not have an ATP rating, nor have I taken the CTP course or the written knowledge test. Below it says to “bring ATP written (if you do not hold ATP Certificate)”. My application states I have not taken the ATP written.

My question is, Compass is paying for my ATP CTP, like every most other regionals, correct? It sounds like they are expecting me to have my CTP course completed and written passed. If nobody knows the answer, I can call a pilot recruiter and ask them. Thanks!

• College Transcripts – original copy (preferably sealed)
• Any documentation certifying your eligibility for a R-ATP certificate
• All Log Books (including original with all check rides and stage checks tabbed)
• Passport (original & two copies)
• Social Security Card (original & two copies)
• Valid First Class Medical Certificate (original & two copies)
• ME – ATP Certificate (original & two copies)
• ATP Written (if you do not hold a ATP Certificate) (original & two copies)
• FCC Restricted Radio Telephone Operator permit (original & two copies)
• Proof of identify and current residence (e.g., a current driver’s license or government issued identification card) (original & two copies)
• Data needed: Addresses/phone/fax for past employers (10 years)
• Data needed: Addresses and dates of past residence (10 years)
• 121 and 135 Carrier information to complete PRIA paperwork (National Driver’s Record Form MUST be filled out in front of a notary)
• Updated resume (3 copies)
• Any Letters of Recommendation you may have
• A copy of a voided check for payroll processing (if successful)

04-04-2018, 07:09 AM
Hello and welcome. I think that language was a hold-over from before the CTP was a thing. They will pay for your CTP, which they try to schedule the week prior to your orientation. Your pay won't start until you are at orientation, though. At least that's what they told me.

Good luck! The interview gouge is spot on, btw.

04-04-2018, 07:36 AM
Yeah you don’t need an ATP or the written. Compass flies you out and pays for it.