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View Full Version : E-145/E-140 going to Terminal E?

04-06-2018, 03:36 PM

This game up in my google news feed today. Haven't heard anything about it before this.

04-06-2018, 03:38 PM
Probably going to be for the new Skywest flying.

04-06-2018, 04:29 PM
Probably going to be for the new Skywest flying.


04-06-2018, 04:45 PM
Who knows. It specifically says 140/145 in the article but we all know how accurate journalist are on reporting aviation.

04-06-2018, 05:35 PM
Well, people have been pointing out that Envoy is way, way overstaffed on the 145 for a few months. Maybe this is why. It doesn't seem like Envoy to staff in anticipation of more flying though, they seem to do everything on a reactive basis.

04-06-2018, 06:10 PM
Any details on the new Skywest Flying? Is it a 1 for 1 of the unstable ExpressJet flying?

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04-06-2018, 06:53 PM
Envoy is way way over staffed on the 145 because the company wants to greatly expand the fleet by pulling planes out of the desert, but they canít get enough captains to expand as much as they wanted. Thatís why they were hoping to get 200 DECís.

04-06-2018, 11:38 PM
Word around church is for Envoy 145/140s. Thatís atleast what I was overhearing on the line today