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05-09-2018, 03:33 PM
So this afternoon the DOT announced that its IG is going to review the (successful) FAA transition from merely fining failures it discovers to working with airlines to find root causes of safety failures and correct them. Apparently the 60 Minutes piece (thank you, Local 1224) caused political interest in that change, and whether it should have happened.

The IG is going to audit AAL and AAY and the interface between those two and the FAA. That's why the stocks of both dropped north of 2 percent today.

The Ocho Libre
05-09-2018, 04:58 PM
All airline stocks are down 1 to 3.5% today because of higher oil prices. Allegiant is actually down less than many. United, Spirit, and JetBlue are down more than Allegiant. Alaska is better only by 0.02%.

I don't think that story was a factor for the stock price but I get your point.

Ultimately I think its good that everything is audited to make sure everyone was/is doing their jobs properly regarding oversight. We are constantly being evaluated to make sure we are doing our jobs right. If anything was or is going on that shouldn't be, fix it. Probably mostly politics though.