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05-14-2018, 12:45 PM
Good day, We are a 135 unscheduled operator and are considering CASS membership. I was wondering if there are any "unscheduled" operators who are CASS members that are able to "jumpseat" on any 121 carriers and or have a recipical agreement with them. I know there have been other threads in the past that states that if you're in CASS, you have automatic jumpseat priviledges...but that is NOT correct. I have spoken to ALPA JUMSEAT rep and they are telling me that there are no agreements with ANY unscheduled 135 operators and will not be and that being in CASS is a true waste of money, that ARINC has turned this into a "money making" avenue for them. The majors will not even be able to view you in CASS unless you already a afreement with them, that everything has changed. I am aware of "scheduled" 135 operators like Boutique Air and Cape Air that do have some privaledges, but again, they are scheduled, and the 121 guys can list themselves on one of their flights. So, if there are ANY opertors who are in CASS and can shed some light on this subject with TRUE KNOWLEDGE and not just "thoughts"...I'd like to hear from you. Thanking you in advance for your response!


05-14-2018, 03:10 PM

You will need to have the DO or CP talk to the POI about A048 OpSpec issuance. See FSIMS 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 18, Section 3.

05-14-2018, 04:31 PM
I donít work there but Bristow helicopters had reciprocal agreements. I think the deal was we could go and try out some of their sims and ride along as they went to and from oil rigs.

05-14-2018, 04:59 PM
Getting in CASS is the easier part. Getting a reciprocal agreement is the hard part... some companies offer up empty legs as a reciprocal, I believe Journey Aviation does this.

But consider why your company is adding CASS. My bottom feeder unscheduled 135 company tried to add CASS so that pilots could jumpseat to and from the planes instead of airlining home when we leave them away from base for a few days. In my opinon, that would directly violate the basis that most agreements are made on - that the jumpseat is for leisure or commuting only. Luckily my company is so cheap they didn't want to spring for the $8k a year. Not even like we could use the leisure side of things with no hard days off :rolleyes: