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View Full Version : MSP

05-15-2018, 04:54 AM
Alright so here goes nothing...

Just over a year ago I submitted an app with hours that were way short, expecting a CFI hours trajectory that did not materialize. However I got a call the same day from a recruiter. Eventually my application was dropped because 6 months and all that.

Fast forward to last week, I submitted a new application, haven't heard from them. I do now have the hours.

Also I'm wondering if MSP is still pretty jr and easy to get after training.

05-15-2018, 05:01 AM
Yes MSP is easy to get, just take the CRJ.. long mothers day weekend. Im sure you will get called soon.

05-15-2018, 05:03 AM
Ah, hadn't considered that. Thanks

05-15-2018, 03:05 PM
What variant would you be most likely to get in MSP? 200?

05-15-2018, 03:15 PM
You fly all 3. 200/700/900. No separation of pilots on the CRJ..