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View Full Version : Sample CRJ200 ATL Schedule

07-26-2018, 07:07 AM
Anybody care to share theirs???

07-26-2018, 02:20 PM
Take your pick 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day trips most are out and back out of Atlanta. 5 to 2 leg trips. Just look at skywestonline routes delta. Look at the city's out of Atlanta. We overnight at most all of them

07-26-2018, 02:28 PM
Interesting. I looked at the map and wondered if you actually stuck to those routes.

07-26-2018, 05:55 PM
Some trips venture out to CVG, DTW, and maybe even MSP to where you'll do trips out of there. But don't choose a base or airline based on what cities they fly to. That will change almost weekly and it'll be something different by the time you get out online. Since here I've been as far south as Villahermosa, Mexico and as far north as Fort McMurray, Alberta. Things change on a dime.