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08-03-2018, 04:44 AM

Dread Pirate
08-06-2018, 01:22 PM
Anyone know if you can get your MEI without retaking the MilComp Instructor written? I did the written about a year ago and only got a CFII based on my instructor form 8 was in a centerline thrust restricted aircraft. Gonna swing by the FSDO this week, but wanted to see if anyone else had any gouge.

08-07-2018, 06:10 AM

You only have to take the test once. After that, just take form8 to fsdo.

08-07-2018, 05:16 PM
Is there a link to this on the faa website? Just curious since I couldn't find it and I'm planning to get my mil competency multi commercial instrument soon.

10-26-2018, 01:38 PM
Go to to reapply for your same certs - for me, straight Airplane MEL. I am getting my centerline thrust restriction removed next week at the FSDO. Here's the generic instructions I received:

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and bring the following with you to your appointment:

1) Valid photo identification, such as a U.S. driver’s license, passport, and/or military ID
2) Military competency test results (later confirmed no retake is necessary, nor having results from long ago)
3) Official Armed Forces record, (e.g., NATOPS jacket for U.S. Navy/Marine Corps service-members)
4) Current airman and medical certification
5) Log Book(s)
6) IACRA information: Username, Password, and FTN
7) Print-out copy of new IACRA application

Hope this helps.