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08-03-2018, 07:39 AM
I was told at my interview for an AA SimP job this past week that my PBGC pension would be put on hold if I got the job. That's about a quarter of what I'd make the first year or two so a big hit. I was at the DFW training center so I would think they'd know about that.

I was hired at USAir in 1989, furloughed in 2003, and retired at age 50 upon recall from furlough in 2007. I flew for NetJets from 2005 until last year when I went out on medical. Currently 61 years old.

In another post I brought this up and I've had a number of pilots say they're flying for AA and still drawing their PBGC pension. I even heard from a now retired former USAPA Union Officer who spent 6 years working mostly on PBGC issues. He drew the pension and flew. I even called the PBGC and they confirmed my pension would be put on hold. The USAPA officer said they were known for giving bad info thou.

So anyone know the real story? Does the PBGC not enforce this, or was the Management Pilot at the interview wrong? Interested to hear if they're a lot of AA Pilots drawing the pension since I don't understand how they can do that based on what I was told at the interview.

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