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View Full Version : Do airline partnerships matter?

08-06-2018, 06:07 AM
Hey there. So one school out there has a whole ton of airline partners, some have a few, and some don't have any at all. I like that aspect of airlines coming to interview me before I even have my 1500. I've been thinking a lot lately about where to take my flight training. From what I've seen online, ATP doesn't seem to have the best training but it does seem to have the most partnerships. So I've been wondering if I should bite the bullet and get sub par training in return for the most job opportunities. I've also been wondering do the partnerships that schools have with airlines really matter?

1. Couldn't I just go apply to the airlines I want on my own and my chances would be just as good?

2. Related to question one. So if I go to a school not partnered with an airline does that mean my chances would be pretty low to get into that airline? For instance, I believe Compass is only partnered with ATP. Does this mean I would have to go to ATP if I wanted to get into Compass?

3. As you all know, ATP has a heck load of partners. Do CFIs really get interviewed by all of these partners being listed? The ATP site makes it seem like it's kinda pick and choose, but I'm guessing it would be more like getting interviewed by at best two airlines, and then getting selected by one.

4. Is there any particular reason ATP has more partnerships than other schools?

5. How do schools actually get these airline partnerships? Is it the airline liking something about the school's training program? Is it the school paying the airline to be a partner? Is it a little bit of both?

Thanks guys for you answers. :)

08-06-2018, 06:59 AM
In this climate, you do not need a school with any airline partnerships. Often, the schools with the most partnerships have a higher price tag, which gives you nothing in return. Most if not all regionals will hire you as long as you have a pulse, and can fog a mirror. Some will even hire you up to 6 months before you even reach ATP mins, just to have the opportunity to get you that much sooner.

To answer your questions briefly, yes, you can apply at any airline on your own without your school being partnered. No, regionals do not care where you get your ratings, as long as you have them. No, CFI's do not get interviewed by all partner airlines, that would be an incredible waste of time for both parties, unless the CFI just wanted to get a lot of interview experience and have many options on the table. To me, ATP management seems to be about 80% marketing/sales and 20% flight training. Many smaller 141 or 61 operations barely have a functional website, yet I would argue they will give you the best training your money can buy. ATP partners with regionals to benefit both parties, so I doubt a money transfer takes place in those arrangements.

If you are paying out of pocket for flight training, I urge you to strongly check out other options, as you will find many that suit the average student better.

08-06-2018, 08:01 AM
What he said.

In the past, in certain hiring climates (not too hot, not too cold, but just right) such a relationship might be of use. But not any time in the near future.

08-06-2018, 08:10 AM
Airline partnerships only matter to the schools since they are a recruitment tool. In this climate, it would be unwise to tie yourself to one regional airline.