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08-21-2018, 04:33 PM
Hi guys, Iím an Italian 36yo and iíve Studied at an aeronautical school where Iíve archived my PPL. Iím a military-policeman in Italy, and itís a really good job but my girlfriend is American with a very large family in Michigan and obviously she loves them. Iím really thinking to ask for a sabbatical year from work and leave Italy for USA. I would like to take an year for to study English and for the licenses. I have worked for my whole life and I'm veteran of 3 foreign missions and I have saved enough money (or i hope that it's true ) Next month I gonna go to visit Aviator College (mainly because they are the only that offers aviation English course and a couple of interesting programs with FI positions). I'm not interested in a specific region in USA, any regions could be perfect. I'm only interested with the quality of the school. Do you have any suggestions about some good school anywhere in USA? Or any other suggestions about my future?