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View Full Version : DFW Aero Mechanix shop

08-28-2018, 03:13 PM
We are selling an aircraft and being asked by the buyer to use DFW Aero Mechanix located at Addison (KADS) for the buyers inspection. After asking around I've been told that that shop goes out of their way to squawk purchase inspection aircraft.

Does anyone have any experience with this shop or insight....good or bad?

08-28-2018, 08:43 PM
What kind of aircraft are you selling? What condition is it in? Addison caters to rich folks so expect a hefty maintenance bill.

08-29-2018, 06:44 AM
Thats good to know. We're selling a King Air 300.

09-11-2018, 10:15 AM
How about proposing West Star? I think they have a Houston location.