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09-18-2018, 02:00 PM
My Gf and I both work at a large West Coast regional, we love hawaii and would consider moving there if we were both were hired, she’s a FA and I a Front Seater. We would both like to know if Hawaiian has Travel bennies with the Big 3, DL, UA, AA and what other asian/pacific airlines Phillipine Airlines? (She’s Filipino and travels about 4-5X a year there?)

Just curious as to the growth and culture at Hawaiian? I see lots of A321s in the West Coast now and 787s are coming. Most seem crews I meet seem very happy and enjoy the job. Pay isnt primary to me, QOL is and the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha, etc.

Any chance Hawaiian wil resume HNL-MNL?

How is reserve life for Pilots and FAs, roughly how long to hold a line?

Any other tid bits would be greatly appreciated both FA and Pilot stuff. I know this thread is mostly pilot related, just hard to find accuarate FA info. Mahalo!!!!!!!!

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