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View Full Version : Frontier PHL base

10-09-2018, 10:05 AM
Frontier Airlines just announced a PHL base yesterday. Before anyone starts to reconsider coming to Frontier right now here are some things youíll want to be aware of...

1. They donít appear to be anywhere near a contract.
2. The company has canceled pilot vacations every month since August (including November).
3. If people keep applying, numbers 1 & 2 will continue.
4. PHL will most likely be a co-domicile with TTN (nothing officially announced about that yet but it already is for FAs and the pilot contract allows it).
5. The company has fired several probationary pilots already this year.
6. The union is actively involved in helping current Frontier pilots move on to better paying airlines because they have conceded that a contract is not in the near future.
7. Hotels are NOT paid for during training.
8. Every RAH pilot would take a pay cut year 1 at Frontier (1st year pay is only $39/hr).
9. You will not likely break guarantee when youíre on reserve at Frontier. Reserves are NOT allowed to pick up trips on days off.

Donít believe everything a recruiter tells you. Friends donít let friends go to Frontier.

Random Task
10-09-2018, 04:00 PM
No self respecting pilot should consider Frontier