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11-13-2018, 11:51 AM
Hey guys,

I just got my ME COMM with Instrument rating. And doing my checkride for the SE COMM add-on soon.

Wx and scheduling seems to be getting tough here in the PNW. So I've been considering the SAA Intl flight school in San Diego so I can work on my CFI CFII there. With F1 Visa.

Any one of you got experience there ?
Like anyone who got to work as an instructor after training under F1 visa ? And how much can you guys fly with the amount of students ?

it's really tough to just go out and change schools after getting used to being here so much. Scary if it doesnt work out. But I just also need to finish faster cause I'm not getting any younger.

Any input would help. I think the school is down in KSEE.

thanks so much !

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