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View Full Version : Starting airline questions

11-20-2018, 03:48 AM
Hello, I am in the process of starting an commuter airline in South America. The question really is this: one of the routes is SEGU SECU. These two fields are only 70NM appart in distance, however in that stretch you have to go from sea level up to 18K' and then down to 8.3K' to land at SECU.

Getting out of SECU requires going from 8.3K' to 16.5K' in 20NM.

Many airlines have tried this route but with very expensive jets, which they can never recover the initial investment. A couple have tries with turboprops and they were successful, but due to mismanagement they went under. So no jets.

Anyone with experience with the Jetstream 32? Can this airplane climb from FL083 to FL165 in 20NM?

I would appreciate any insights.

Thank you!