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View Full Version : Reserve GI Bill

11-27-2018, 04:51 AM
I have been getting mixed info from the VA and AF in Pompano isnt an expert with the reserve GI bill, as they've not yet seen it. I'm looking to do the 30 day CFI/CFII, cost is $6900 with 2k in checkrides. Talking to the VA they'll cover 60% of the program, they cant tell me if that includes the checkrides or not, and seems that the reimbursement goes back to me, so my cost up front and hopes they'll cover it. I have a Cert of Eligablity for 24 months. My understanding is it pays $384 month x 24 = $9216 entitlement. So, high end 60% of $8900 =$5340 reimbursed, and low of $4140 if not covering checkrides.

Hoping somebody else has gone through this and can shed some light as committing to almost 10k without a certain amount I know I can get back is pretty daunting. As it is, it'll take quite awhile to make back this investment teaching. Also, I used all my post 9/11 already on grad school, so not an option.

11-27-2018, 01:26 PM
The beauty of this forum, got some first hand info on how to make this happen. To anybody in the future, just get a receipt from DPE and submit to VA, looks like the reserve GI covers 60% of the course and 100% of the certification/examination fees, so great relief.
Thanks APC.