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01-15-2019, 02:38 PM
I'm former USAirways drawing PBGC pension. Got my 1099-R in the mail today and it's way off. Only shows about a month's worth of pay and withholding for all of 2018. Called PBGC and they're aware of it now but can't fix it until they have access to the 1099-R's at the end of the month. It'd be nice to file the taxes that way but with my luck it'd get flagged. I did verify I received 12 payments in 2018. The 1099 had totals of around a single month's payment. I searched for any change in tax law that sheltered part of a pension but didn't find anything.

01-16-2019, 12:19 PM
Just got another 1099-R from PBGC today, it looks like it's for the balance of what I received. Have to do the math but I think the two added together will be the correct total. The "corrected" box was not checked. Still going to wait and call their help line after the 31st, I don't know if having two 1099-R's from them is going to be a problem with the IRS. I use Turbotax so I guess I can just enter both of them and it should be OK. I was out on Medical from my current flying job for all of 2018 so my taxes are going to be pretty easy otherwise.