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View Full Version : Part 141 CFI Training Question

Flying Taco
01-16-2019, 08:02 PM
Hey y’all! Just recently finished my commercial and I am about half way done with my multi engine rating. Right now I am currently planning on doing my CFI training at my university which is part 141. My question is for those of you who did your CFI training at a university, how long did it take you?

01-17-2019, 12:17 PM
It took me a year and a half to finish my CFI at a 141 university. The reason it took me so long was because I was working full time and had really bad luck with weather (NYC). Others in my school were able to finish it in 4-6 months being fully dedicated to it. Use an instructor who has already trained CFI’s.

01-18-2019, 08:05 PM
It was about 3.5 - 4 months to finish mine. Full-time job, family, kids, etc. Worst part was building the CFI book... did all the ground work on the front and and flew out the time the last 4-6 weeks. I still feel very lucky to get it done that quick.

I would also recommend trying to find a CFI who has previously completed CFI candidates. But if you can't find one it's not a deal breaker.