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View Full Version : Captain Challenger 300 Job in OKC

01-20-2019, 07:03 PM
Captain (PIC) – Challenger 300 – Oklahoma City

We are taking applications for our Co-Captain (PIC) position in our Challenger 300, Part 91, corporate flight department in Oklahoma City: salary and benefits commensurate with industry and experience. The Co-Captain (PIC) will assist with all aspects of serving and maintaining a corporate flight department.

The applicant should present themselves as a skilled professional with strong communication and interpersonal ability, and should meet the following minimum qualifications:

 3500 TT
 2000 MEL
 1000 MEL PIC
 1000 Turbine
 500 PIC Turbine
 At least 100 hours in the previous 12 months
 Class II medical
 CL30 type rating (see note below)
 2 years of college
 Corporate flight department experience
 This is not home based

NOTE: Select/exceptional applicants without a CL30 type rating and not meeting all of the minimum qualification may be considered.

Submit a cover letter and full resume to include addressing all listed minimum qualifications, along with times and operational experience in CL30 to [email protected] and please place “Captain (PIC)” in the emails subject field.