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View Full Version : Arizona Pilots & AC Owners

02-07-2019, 07:43 PM
Good day fellow APCers, Iím a Commercial Pilot (SEL/MEL) +Instrument. I also will shortly be a CFI, CFII. Iím looking for folks that want to have a safety pilot fly with them, otherwise known as a flight buddy. I am willing to chip in on costs, and any discussions regarding dual given would depend on circumstances. I am especially hoping to join folks on any Multi flights. Iím also open to long ferry flights.

I am former military and a bit older, so Iím in the perfect range to get along great with the young pups and the boomers. I donít check APC every day so please give me a few days to respond.

Side note: I do have about 25 hours of multi-turbine time in a level D sim as I think I can keep up if you have a fancy ride but at the very least I love to learn.

I hope to hear from you!