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04-19-2019, 07:37 AM
Two major players in Part 91/135 is EJM and Jet Aviation. They appear to be the best in my limited knowledge. Any pilots past or present have any recommendations on how to improve your opportunity for a job if you have the experience/ratings required.

Also, pilots with personal knowledge have pros/cons thoughts on which company provides best QOL and most beneficial career path.


04-28-2019, 01:28 PM
Not much to say about the particulars to EJM. But itís not NJA either. They are the same as every other Managment company out there. They strictly manage the aircraft. Pilots will be treated as wells or bad as the owner sees fit. Now donít get me wrong they wonít allow an owner to force you to violate an FAR. But FARs are very gray and minimal as for as working conditions. Unless you get in writing from EJM the working conditions ( Day off, call out times or if you must be at airport everyday, vacation guarantees). The owners free to abuse you and use you anyway they see fit. Now before an EJM Pilot jumps down my throat some owners may treat you like royalty but be careful. Maybe ask to talk to current or former pilot about there experience ( Off record of course). As far as pay and benefits are concerned it will vary. If you fly 50 hrs a year just to take owner to Florida a couple of times a year then pay will reflect that. If they plan on chartering it out get hours per year they plan on doing so and have a written agreement if they go over those hours in the form of compensation. 250 hours a year can easily turn into 600 hours if an owner see huge demand and profits from doing so. But like I said managment companies vary hugely and before any contracts get signed do your homework. You are not under any protection from NJA union you are simply a pilot belonging to a particular aircraft owner.