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View Full Version : Flexjet vs Netjets mx control

04-21-2019, 02:32 PM
Iím look for mostly general information. I have some possibilityís of working in one of the two mx control depts. Which is the best company to work for ? I need to move to Ohio for family reasons and would like some feedback on mx side of the house. Itís Columbus vs Cleveland. Iím good with both places, however need company info. I donít want to fall into a trap. Thanks for any feedback

04-22-2019, 07:26 AM
I'm not involved with MX at all other than working with the controllers via phone. Good experiences with that. But what I can tell you is NetJets is likely to be around a lot longer than FlexJet after the next economic downturn. NJA has the backing of Berkshire Hathaway and their deep pockets. That's why many clients pay the extra $$$ to use NetJets and also because of our very good recovery times.
And overall NetJets treats their people well. I can't speak for the culture or working conditions at FlexJet but I suspect it's not as good. I also suspect (but could be wrong) that as a controller you're expected to put a lot of pressure on crews to not write up grounding items. That even happens at NetJets sometimes but with a strong pilot union we can ignore the pressure and do what's right.

04-22-2019, 08:10 AM
Did you interview with either company?

There are other companies than just NetJets and Flexjet in Ohio. Cargo carriers ABX and Air Transport International are based in Wilmington, OH & Southern Air is in Cincinnati. 121 cargo carriers probably are better choices than a fractional. No matter if the economy is good or bad, people still need things to be flown. Plus some of them are hooked up to Amazon, which I think maybe immune to an economic downturn, but I'm not an economist.

Plus, regional airline Commutair is based in Cleveland, and PSA is based in Dayton. I know nothing about any of these companies, but they might be better options too.

You won't know until you interview with those companies or talk to someone that works on the other side of the radio. Being pilots, we are always right. Unless we are dead.